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In a fiercely competitive market, key2people has in recent years established itself as the most innovative and dedicated executive search outfit. Today it is one of Italy’s top three firms in the industry.

key2people has continually developed its relationships with clients who recognise the value of true executive search, through which they may gain access to resources crucial for the success of their businesses. People who are not simply competent, but who are willing to implant and integrate themselves within corporate cultures that they both understand and embrace. We offer a range of integrated services that include executive search, valuation of internal resources, and assistance to both management teams and Boards of Directors in order to ensure a quality of leadership that is consistent with corporate strategies and culture.

Executives and professionals experience passion, transparency and helpfulness when they come into contact with our firm: our priority is to help them make important choices, in full awareness of their significance to the individual’s lifelong professional and personal development.

The key2people Group today brings together over 100 professionals, and is recognised as a benchmark in the professional services market for its independence and expertise.

Key2people is fully aware of its special bond with its country of origin. Its ambitious objective of contributing towards the development of an Italian managerial class reflects this bond, and is manifested in the investments made in four fundamental areas:

- Public Administration

- Universities

- Women’s Leadership

- Not-for-profit sector and social ventures.


Roma, 11 maggio ore 17.30
Investimenti in infrastrutture come volano economico del Paese, questo il tema del convegno Investimenti e Infrastrutture: Italia cantiere aperto promosso da Key2people Executive Search e The Boston Consulting Group.

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